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The Navigator 5000 (5000 lbs. capacity) and 5500 (5500 lbs. capacity) are designed to safely and easily deliver your product-even through the roughest terrains Lumber, drywall, cement, sod, bricks, roofing materials, or almost any palletized material can be safely transported over uneven or muddy surfaces. The Navigator gets your goods to the customer undamaged and on time.

Navigator's ultra-heavy duty maps constructed from 6" X 1" hardened steel mast channel, giving unparalleled strength and durability. The frame is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and reinforced at stress points. An integrated frame and heavy-duty roll cage give added structure and absorb vibration and load shock. These features, combined with a frame integrated mounting system mean less maintenance and longer machine life.

Navigator comes equipped with the best components money can buy. State of the art, direct-drive wheel-motors convert power with greater efficiency, providing more torque with 5 fewer moving parts. An integrated parking brake system provides increased safety and user friendliness. The operator is situated in the center providing a greater field of view and further increasing safety.

The standard power plant is an L Series 4 cylinder Isuzu, water- cooled diesel. An updated design and direct fuel injection help this unit generate 56 HP, giving Navigator one of the highest standard HP ratings in the business.

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5000 All Terrain, Truck Mounted Forklift 5000 56
5500 All Terrain, Truck Mounted Forklift 5500 56
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