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Very Narrow Aisle Articulating Forklift

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Standard Features
  • Tilt steering column.
  • Horn.
  • Rear view mirror.
  • Auto plug motor brake system.
  • Operator storage.
  • Cup holder.
  • Arm rest.
  • Cushion rubber rear wheels 18" x 6".
  • Mast tilt 3° forward & 3° rearward.
  • 8" Total sideshifter.
  • Digital hour meter.
  • Lazer tracker.
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt.
  • Cantilevered driver's overhead meets ANSI standards, guard and load backrest.
  • Hydraulic rear drum brakes, adjustable hand parking brake (2 wheels).
  • Light package includes 2 headlights and revolving strobe light.
  • Cushion rubber front drive wheels 16" x 7".
  • High visibility 4-cylinder triple masts, D.D. manitou quad masts.
  • 39" Long shank full tapered & polished pallet forks.
  • Class 11 carriage.
  • Load and unload trailer-right into the rack.
  • Work inside or outside on improved surfaces.
  • Work in selective, push-back, flow, or drive-in rack.
  • No special floor flatness requirements.
  • Handle common ramps and grades.
  • Handles most common attachments.
  • Drivers love the automotive type steering.
  • Easier to operate-no reach or swing.
  • MUCH more comfortable than stand up design.
  • Up to 20 % more storage capacity.

 Lazer Tracker   

Lazer Tracker is the single most effective material handling tool that addresses the issues of controlling product damage, increasing productivity while contributing to a safer work environment. The patented fork tip laser guidance system will assist the forklift operator with any level of experience in pinpoint accuracy of fork tip placement.
The Class IIIA laser automatically turns on at the user prescribed height.

Item #

Item Name

Rated Capacity - Mast Vertical (lbs.)

Load Center (in.)

Seat Height (in.)

Minimum Aisle Fast operation - 48"d x 40"w (in.)

Lift Speed - Loaded/Unloaded (ft./min.)

DV8r-20EC Very Narrow Aisle Articulating Forklift 4000 24 4 78 70/90


·  Front Wheel Drive System

·  Lazer Tracker

·  Dimensional Drawing


Constructional Details
(PDF, 122KB)

Lift Specifications
(PDF, 691KB)

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