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Sidewinder™ Omni-Directional Lift Truck

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The Sidewinder ATX-3000 provides unprecedented maneuverability in even the most limited of spaces. New Omni-Directional Technology allows the Sidewinder ATX-3000 to travel in all directions making it the ideal vehicle to work with in tight spaces where turns are not possible and where exceptional inching capability is required.
The Sidewinder ATX-3000 features a 48 volt AC Power System with state-of-art control technology, variable lift speed, variable travel speeds (up to 6.2 mph], excellent visibility, ergonomic joystick controls and maximized operator comfort.
Increase storage density by placing heavier loads higher in the rack, reducing aisle width and decreasing space between pallets.

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The patented design of the four independently driven wheels enable the Omni-Directional capabilities.

The Sidewinder features both Omni-Directional Technology and a 4-wheel drive system. This unique combination provides the Sidewinder with superior traction and braking.

Each wheel consist of a high strength, steel hub with 12 specially designed polyurethane coated rollers.

The rollers rotate freely, providing Omni-Directional movement of the vehicle based on the speed and direction of each wheel.

Designed to overcome obstacles, the Sidewinder ATX-3000 can power through pot holes and climb over obstacles in its way that are up to 3 inches high.

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ATX-3000 Sidewinder™ Omni-Directional Lift Truck 48 12 Volt DC to DC 6.2 4 Wheel 360 3-way, adjustable vinyl suspension


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